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Rife Lab 4: Your Practice and You

Rife Lab 4: Your Practice and You

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Please note: This event took place in June 2021

In this online workshop for 18-30 year old creative freelancers Yasmin Qureshi will help you explore how to separate your practice from the self.

As artists/creatives/producers, our work can come from a personal place. It can truly speak to an intimate part of ourselves that we sometimes don't get a glimpse of. So how do we follow our innate need to create without being left crushed by the inevitable arrival of the business admin?

In this online workshop we will discuss:

  • Ways to integrate yourself and your practise
  • Looking at letting go of your work and seeing it in a public space/context
  • Balancing passion, enjoyment and productivity without burning out.

About Yasmin Qureshi:

Yasmin is a Bristol based artist and creator of project Red Telephone.

Her work looks at finding processes to document and address personal experiences challenging or otherwise through visual art, conversation, art and therapy workshops.

Who is it for:

This Lab is part of a series of workshops curated by Rife at Watershed for freelance 18 – 30 year old early career creatives or those who are a little more established in their practice. Themes include ‘setting boundaries’, ‘purposeful branding’, ‘the value of money for creatives’ and 'separating your practice from yourself'.

Come with an open mind, good energy, ready to share and participate.