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Please note: This was screened in July 2021

Chino Moya
Johann Myers, Michael Gould, Géza Röhrig
92 mins, 2020, UK / Belgium / Estonia / Serbia / Sweden
Primary language

As they navigate a post-apocalyptic city ‘K’ (Johann Myers) and ‘Z’ (Géza Röhrig) collect bodies, loading them on to their truck whilst recounting gruesome stories from a forsaken past. As tale upon tale deftly rolls into the next, passing between narrators, we witness a series of darkly comic fables brimming with foreboding - each as terrifically macabre and nightmarish as the one before.

Director Chino Moya has created a series of intense and increasingly disturbing allegories about humanity's darker instincts - this is a grotesque and compelling debut and a modern anthology like no other.