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UnEarthing Imagination
UnEarthing Imagination - Image by Jess Noble

UnEarthing Imagination

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Please note: This live stream took place in Sept 2021

Join Lukus Robbins in this Lunchtime Talk exploring our lost connections to soil due to extractive systems that see it as a commodity for land ownership, farming and resources. The word culture originally came from our cultivation of soil about 10,000 years ago when some of the earliest known civilisations were built, with that in mind, the evolution of culture is therefore inseparable from soil.

What might we learn about our societal methods of communication, growth and consciousness if we observe the subterranean ecosystems that support all life on earth? What might this teach us about 'other' forms of intelligence that exist outside the human mind? How might we collectively imagine and cultivate hopeful futures by digging deeper and unearthing regenerative narratives in our local areas?

Lukus Robbins is a Bristol-based award-winning creative producer and socially-engaged artist, his work is all about connection, finding new ways for us to feel empowered to share our narrative. Lukus designs work using devised theatre techniques, digital technology and the dramaturgies of place to put people at the centre, allowing for multiple levels of engagement. His work is always considerate and inspired by what makes us human and how designing simple interactions can help us engage with sensitive cultural issues in an open, evolving and playful way.

In the last two years his practice has seen him re-shift his focus to explore the environmental crisis and how we are adapting, coping and responding in the face of environmental change. Often when we talk about environmental issues we have feelings of hopelessness, frustration, shame, guilt or disconnect. Lukus wishes to find out how we can collectively unearth feelings of hope, connection and fascination by forming a symbiosis with the regenerative natural systems that support us.