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Remote_CTRL Residency
Remote_CTRL Residency

Remote_CTRL Residency

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Please note: This event took place in Sept 2021

Remote_CTRL, is a new research and development residency in which five Disabled creatives have been spending the summer of 2021 making new work and exploring and expanding their creative practices with the use of MiMU gloves.

MiMU Gloves are a wearable motion-based musical instrument/controller. As a new and evolving technology, there is massive scope for innovation in how the gloves can be used, and we are excited to see how resident artists and musicians take their gloves in new directions during their residencies.

To start the artists off on their ongoing adventures with the gloves, the residency included a series of talks and workshops with industry innovators, one-to-one technical support and creative mentoring. In this Lunchtime Talk we will be hearing from some of the artists; Izzi Valentine, Andrea Spisto and Amble Skuse about their experience of working with the gloves, and how their projects are developing.

Andrea Spisto is a Venezuelan/Curaçaoean performance artist, filmmaker and neuroqueer clown, whose work focuses on playful autobiographical exploration through physical masks (characters) that delve into the corners of the psyche. The work follows thematic interweaving, moving adjacent to narrative storytelling. Straddling live art, comedy, theatre and clowning, Andrea’s work has been described as genre-smashing surreal, gentle and exuberant.

Amble Skuse’s work focuses on using voices, speech patterns, found sounds, and live interactive processing to explore ideas of identity and location. She works with live instruments, electronics, Logic and Max/MSP and body sensors to create soundscapes, improvisations, networked performances, and compositions.

Her most recent work We Ask These Questions of Everybody is a digital opera exploring the lives of Disabled people in the UK through an interview with the government agency responsible for disability support.