The Tape

classified 15

Please note: This was screened in Oct 2021

Martha Tilston
Nathan Ball, Craig Blake, Sally Crooks
95 mins, 2021, UK
Primary language

English folk singer Martha Tilston debuts as writer, director and star in this sweet-natured and gently charming Cornish-set romance.

Tally (Tilston), Cornwall’s worst cleaner and a disillusioned songwriter drifting through life, finds her inspiration renewed at an atmospheric cliff-top house in West Cornwall, where she records a single analogue copy of her new album. When corporate lawyer Leo (Lee Hart) is drawn into Tally’s world of music and mythology, the implications ricochet through both their lives with the tape acting as a talisman, helping those who encounter it to truly come alive.

The Tape is a beautiful story of love, dreams and a celebration of pure musical artistry featuring a mesmerising soundtrack and an accompanying album that was recorded live on set.