200 Meters

200 Meters

classified 18 S

Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2021


Please note: This was screened in Dec 2021

Ameen Nayfah
Ali Suliman, Anna Unterberger, Lana Zreik
96 mins, Subtitled, Palestine/Italy/Sweden/Qatar/Jordan
Primary language

An action-packed drama, 200 Meters tells the story of Mustafa and his wife Salwa, who live 200 metres apart in villages separated by the West Bank wall. One day he gets a call every parent dreads: his son has been injured in an accident. Rushing to cross the Israeli checkpoint, Mustafa is turned back on a technicality. Plunged into a desperate chase to get to his son’s hospital bed, a 200-metre distance becomes a 200-kilometre odyssey, as Mustafa attempts to smuggle himself to the other side of the wall.