Bristol/South West: New Short Films

Bristol/South West: New Short Films

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Please note: This was screened in Jan 2022

90 mins, UK
Primary language

Join us for a showcase of up-and-coming filmmaking talent from Bristol and the South West with a series of seven short films, culminating in the very first public screening of Bristol-based director Paul Holbrook’s Old Windows.

Starring Laura Bayston and Larry Lamb, Old Windows tells the story of a struggling café owner, whose day is upended when an intriguing older gentleman comes in for tea and cake.

The full programme of short films includes:

  • Pickney by Michael Jenkins
  • Seppo by Tia Salisbury
  • 3 Minutes of Silence by Ben Price
  • Trust by Mel Light
  • Blighty by Theo Watkins
  • Help! I've Stolen Amy Adams' Nose! by Katherine Press
  • Old Windows by Paul Holbrook

This activity is part of the UK-wide BFI Film Academy programme and is supported using funds from the National Lottery.

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