First Love
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First Love

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The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2022


Please note: This was screened in Feb 2022

Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Hôshi Ishida, Itsuji Itao, Yoshino Kimura
119 mins, Subtitled, 2020, Japan
Primary language

Young and ambitious university student Kanna (Kyoko Yoshine) seemed simply to be working towards her ambition to become a TV announcer until she's arrested for stabbing her father to death. Why did she do it? Nobody knows.

Commissioned to write up a book on the incident, clinical psychologist Yuki (Keiko Kitagawa from Netflix's Stolen Identity) begins visiting Kanna, with hopes of uncovering the rationale behind her actions. As Yuki becomes more and more emotionally invested in Kanna's story, the two find that they have a past more in common with each other than they first expected.

Adapted from a novel by the prize-winning author Rio Shimamoto, Japan Academy Prize for Picture of The Year nominee Yukihiko Tsutsumi directs this intense psychological thriller which delves into the subject of suppressed emotions resurfacing from the past.