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Making Truth or Consequences

Making Truth or Consequences

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Please note: This live stream took place in Feb 2022

Forty kilometers outside the small desert town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, sits “Spaceport America”, a private space mission launch center. In the long shadow of progress, local residents find meaning in a world that others choose to leave.

Collaborators Hannah Jayanti and Alexander Porter describe their process in creating the speculative documentary film Truth or Consequences. The film has been described as a “thrilling formal adventure that never loses sight of the tenderness with which it treats its subjects” using many intertwined formats to create a lyrical meditation on progress, history, and loss in a changing world.

Through their process, the collaborators ask how do you create experimental non-fiction projects outside narrative conventions without losing sight of what’s important? Can we create projects that are political in form, subject and labour practices? The project comprises a feature film, a collaborative local film festival, an interactive web experience and a bespoke virtual cinematography tool. They will share their iterative, community-based approach to creating non-fiction stories and ethics of non-fiction narratives.

The Lunchtime Talks take place in the Pervasive Media Studio, which is in the Watershed building. The Studio is just beyond the Café & Bar, turn right and then go down the corridor to your left (where the toilets are). The double doors here will be open, go all the way down until you reach the Studio. A member of staff will sign you in, and check your ticket, if you have booked.