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Love In Bright Landscapes: David McComb & The Triffids

Love In Bright Landscapes: The Story of David McComb of The Triffids

Doc'n Roll 2022


Please note: This was screened in May 2022

Jonathan Alley
Joanne Alach, Jill Birt, Martyn Casey
101 mins, 2021, Australia
Primary language

In a short life, David McComb gave up secrets in the shape of his songs, as the singer-songwriter and driving force of the great Australian band, The Triffids.

McComb believed in the power of the song, and in The Triffids’ 1986 masterpiece Born Sandy Devotional he found a new Australian voice: a poetically inspired vision of desolate, broken-hearts cast against the bright expanse of beaches, deserts and highways. Using his familiar Western Australian landscape as the canvas for his towering psychodramas, the tragedy and triumph of McComb’s driven, passionate life is brought to the screen with McComb’s poetry and newly discovered letters read by Australian-born Man Booker Prize-winning novelist DBC Pierre; interwoven with excerpts from no less than 75 of David's songs.

But McComb’s health faltered and after a heart transplant in 1996, he died in 1999, days short of his 37th birthday - leaving a slew of unanswered questions and unrecorded songs.

Love in Bright Landscapes reveals the man behind the songs – via beautifully restored 35mm slides, delightfully evocative home movies and heart-rending interviews with colleagues, family, and friends.