Yam & Banana

Musical Nourishment of the Yam & Banana


Please note: This was screened in June 2022

Borja Cantera
85 mins

During 2021, Bristol-based producer Oriol Freixa Rafols - aka Uri Green - started on a new project: a reggae album featuring some of the best reggae artists and musicians in the city.

With over nine years of experience producing reggae and related genres from his St Paul’s studio and releasing works on his record label Yam & Banana, Green is no stranger to the scene with a list of collaborations with artists such as Anthony B, Lutan Fyah, Daddy Freddy, Da Fuchaman and many more.

For this new album, Green has collaborated with filmmaker Borja Cantera to document the creative process and to ultimately promote and celebrate the music and social cultural heritage of Bristol's reggae, dancehall and hip hop artists.

The short film that bears the same name as the label gives us a peek into the studio dynamics, the magic that happens when creative minds get together, and the philosophy behind this form of Afro-Caribbean cultural expression.