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Tramps DJ Event
Still from Tramps! Part of Queer Vision 2022

Tramps DJ Set

Queer Vision 2022


Please note: This event took place in June 2022

Tramps! will be followed by a New Romantics DJ Party in the Café/Bar from DJ Jim Carna (Horseplay). Dig out your frilly shirts and dress to impress!

About DJ Jim Carna (Horseplay)

Horseplay Club's Jim Carna very much regrets taking a DJ name that doesn't work out of context of equestrian wordplay. He's the dark horse of Bristol's Horseplay jockeys but his music knowledge and skills on the decks have garnered rosettes and best in show awards at club nights across the country. His sets encompass anything which engages the body and soul alike, and he enjoys playing a slow-burn warm-up set as much as finishing off a night with a transcendent spine-tingler - but his aim has always been to play those records that make you interrupt the conversation you’re having in the garden and say ‘erm, I’m really sorry but I freaking LOVE this song; let’s dance!’ Jim has had a passion for the New Romantics since he was young, cutting the lyrics of Spandau Ballet songs out of Smash Hits to slip within the sleeves of his 7-inches, and arguing in the playground as to whether Nick Rhodes or John Taylor had the better cheekbones. He's looking forward to bringing the Blitz club vibes to Watershed as long as his frilly cuffs don't get in the way of his mixing...