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Girls Girls Girls 

Girls Girls Girls 

classified 15 S

Queer Vision 2022


Please note: This was screened in July 2022

Alli Haapasalo
Aamu Milonoff, Eleonoora Kauhanen, Linnea Leino
100 mins, Subtitled, Finland
Primary language

This sassy Sundance-winning coming-of-age drama follows the lives of three girls (Mimmi, Emma and Rönkkö) on the cusp of womanhood trying to figure out where their lives will lead them next and how to navigate the world of love.

Over the course of three consecutive Fridays, Mimmi and Emma experience the earth-moving effects of falling in love, while Rönkkö goes on a quest to find something she’s yet to experience: pleasure.

From director Alli Haapasalo, Girls Girls Girls (formerly known as Girl Picture) provides bold representation of asexuality that is often missing from contemporary queer films.