A Chiara
Still from A Chiara

A Chiara

classified 15 S

Please note: This was screened in July 2022

Jonas Carpignano
Swamy Rotolo, Pio Amato, Claudio Rotolo
121 mins, Subtitled, 2021, Italy
Primary language

The third in a trilogy of films from director Jonas Carpignano (Mediterranea, A Ciambra) about a Calabrian town where African refugees, the Romani community and the local mafia exist side by side, this time making his protagonist a teenage girl.

15-year-old Chiara (Swamy Rotolo) investigates her father’s disappearance just one day after her eldest sister’s birthday. As she gets closer to the difficult truth about her mysteriously missing father and the crime syndicates that control her region, Chiara is forced to decide what kind of future she wants for herself...

At once a coming-of-age chronicle and a mafia thriller, Carpignano’s distinctly naturalistic tone and work with non-professional actors offers grit and intensity, plunging audiences into an insular community of organised crime in Southern Italy. A furiously paced drama, as immersive and fiery as its camerawork and pulsating score, this dramatic chronicle of a keen-eyed teen’s loss of innocence builds to a shattering climax.