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Kings of the Road

Kings of the Road

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Please note: This was screened in July 2022

Wim Wenders
Rüdiger Vogler, Hanns Zischler, Lisa Kreuzer
169 mins, Subtitled, 1976, Germany
Primary language

Kings Of The Road is about a friendship between two men: Bruno, aka 'King of the Road' (Rüdiger Vogler), who repairs film projectors and travels along the inner-German border in his truck, and psychologist Robert, aka “Kamikaze” (Hanns Zischler), who is fleeing from his own past.

When Robert drives his old VW straight into the Elbe river, he is fished out by Bruno. This is the beginning of their shared journey through a German no-man’s-land; a journey that leads them from the Lüneburg Heath to the Bavarian Forest.

Considered as part of his Road Movie Trilogy (along with Wrong Move and Alice In The Cities), the 1975 release touches on themes of the absence of women, of loneliness and an exploration of post-war Germany.