Eleven Days in May

classified 18 (CTBA) S

Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2022


Please note: This was screened in Dec 2022

Michael Winterbottom, Mohammad Sawaf
Kate Winslet
85 mins, Subtitled, 2022, UK
Primary language
“The film is a very simple act of remembrance. It is easy to hear about a war in a far off country and not worry too much about it. This film tries to give the children, and the families who grieve for them, a voice. If people hear their stories, perhaps they will not be forgotten. If we can imagine ourselves in their place, we can understand that war is never a solution, it is always the problem.” - Michael Winterbottom, co-director

For 11 days in May 2021, Gaza was bombed by Israel, which resulted in over 260 fatalities – at least 67 were children. Through a collection of interviews, co-directors Mohammed Sawwaf and Michael Winterbottom portray the individual loss and sorrow of families and friends who lost their children in the bombing.

Narrated by Kate Winslet and with music by Max Richter, Eleven Days in May is an unvarnished visual diary, focusing on the children who lost their lives, their hobbies, and their dreams, giving the grieving families a voice.

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