Father Earth

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Please note: This was screened in Dec 2022

Graham Fellows
82 mins, 2022, UK
Primary language
“Compelling, moving and mirthful, Fellows’ quest to save the planet is a fine piece of filmmaking” - Malestrom

New documentary Father Earth is the true story of one man’s attempt to help save the planet by converting a derelict church on the Orkney Isles into an eco-friendly recording studio. It’s also a fascinating study of a psychological power struggle between character comedian Graham Fellows, and his long-standing creation - John Shuttleworth.

Father Earth is also about family relationships - specifically between fathers and sons - and it explores the paradox: in the battle against extinction, we are often distracted by personal and family issues, as they appear more important and pressing than the future of the whole planet.

Funny yet moving, and filmed mainly in the Orkney Isles over a 10 year period, Father Earth is Fellows’ most thoughtful and accomplished film to date. With guest appearances from Sooty and Sweep, and a virtuoso performance from Graham’s mathematically driven elderly father Derek, this is a story that no one but Graham could tell.

This screening is dedicated to the memory of Will Smith. The distributor will be donating their share of the proceeds to Bristol Mind.

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