Try and Get Me!
Still from Try and Get Me!

Try and Get Me!

classified PG

Please note: This was screened in April 2023

Cy Endfield
Lloyd Bridges, Frank Lovejoy, Kathleen Ryan, Richard Carlson
85 mins, 1950, US
Primary language

A taut tale directed by Cy Endfield (Zulu), inspired by actual events and infused with the classic style of film noir.

Try and Get Me stars Lloyd Bridges (Airplane!) as the deranged, cold-as-ice Jerry Slocum, and Frank Lovejoy (In a Lonely Place) as Howard Tyler, Jerry’s unwitting accomplice. Howard’s life begins to spiral out of control when he’s sucked into a kidnapping plot. At the same time Gil Stanton (Richard Carlson), a gung-ho journalist, may have crossed ethical boundaries when his series of newspaper articles leads to even further tragedy for all concerned...

A first-rate film noir with more on its mind than just thrills, Try and Get Me navigates heady themes such as journalistic ethics and vigilante justice.

Presented in partnership with Film Noir UK.

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