Together With Lorenza Mazzetti

World Premiere: Together With Lorenza Mazzetti

classified 12A

Restored & Rediscovered


Please note: This was screened in July 2023

Brighid Lowe
55 mins, 2023, UK

Alongside our screening of the newly restored Together, we’re proud to premiere this documentary, a reflection on love and trauma based on candid interviews with Lorenza Mazzetti at the age of 90, shortly before her death in 2020.

During her lifetime Mazzetti was often overshadowed by her male contemporaries in the Free Cinema movement, and her work was bracketed with the 'kitchen sink' school of British realism.

In this intimate portrait film, director Brighid Lowe, working with Sight and Sound critic Henry K. Miller, reframes Mazzetti as a vagabond artist and reconnects her work with the European modernist tradition.

Through associative montage, Lowe subtly relates Mazzetti’s films of the 1950s to the wartime atrocity she survived as a teenager in Italy, and evokes the restorative freedom she found as an art student in postwar London.

The film also includes extracts of a film of Mazzetti’s that was long thought lost, The Country Doctor (1953), based on a story by Franz Kafka (as was another early short from the same year, K). An incredible discovery, she talks publicly about The Country Doctor for the first and only time.

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