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classified 12A

Please note: This was screened in Nov 2023

Adura Onashile
Déborah Lukumuena, Danny Sapani, Le'Shantey Bonsu
87 mins, 2023, UK
Primary language

Transplanted to working-class Glasgow from West Africa, with no sense of belonging, a young mother is forced to face the truth of her past life as her daughter approaches adolescence and strives for new freedom in this award-winning film from Adura Onashile.

Grace (Déborah Lukumuena) and Ama (Le'Shantey Bonsu) have established a deep bond that’s protected them from outsiders, but as they try to settle in Glasgow, things begin to change. Ama’s approaching adolescence and growing curiosity set off reminders of a past that Grace has been trying to erase. Slowly the comforting fairytale-like story that Grace has been telling Ama for years is shaken by her memories and their sheltered world begins to erode from the inside.

This feature debut from Adura Onashile is an incredible study of alienation both subtle and powerful.

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