The Peasants

classified 15 S

Please note: This was screened in Jan 2024

DK Welchman, Hugh Welchman
Kamila Urzedowska, Robert Gulaczyk, Miroslaw Baka
114 mins, Subtitled, 2023, Poland
Primary language

From the creators of the Oscar®-nominated Loving Vincent comes an animated rendering of Władysław Reymont’s Nobel Prize-winning tale. An unbelievably ambitious project that was filmed in live action which was then painted over 40,000 times, resulting in an extraordinary visual experience.

Jagne is a beautiful young woman living in a small-minded 19th-century Polish village where crops, relationships and dowries preoccupy the wagging tongues of the villagers. One of the main topics of gossip is of course Jagna, who is strong-willed and free-spirited and unwilling to settle down. When Jagna is finally forced into marriage with a rich widower by her mother, her love for the widower's son threatens to tear all their lives apart.

DK and Hugh Welchman’s latest film evokes a world of breathtaking beauty and brutality, both the men in her life are brutal and violent towards Jagna, exposing the seething underbelly of a patriarchal 19th-century rural community.

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