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Beware, My Lovely

Beware, My Lovely

classified PG

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Please note: This was screened in Dec 2023

Harry Horner
Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan, Taylor Holmes
77 mins, 1952, USA
Primary language

Based on an original story by suspense screenwriter Mel Dinelli, Beware, My Lovely tells the story of Helen Gordon (Ida Lupino), a widow who runs a lodging house.

With an empty house over the Christmas Holiday, Helen hires handyman Howard Wilton (Robert Ryan) to help her clean and repair. Unbeknownst to Helen, Howard is unstable, paranoid and prone to frequent blackouts. What starts out as a calm and peaceful day turns incredibly quickly into a living nightmare.

With pitch-perfect performances by both Ryan and Lupino, this forgotten noir gem directed by Harry Horner offers a nail biting thrill ride that doesn’t stop until the final shot…

‌Presented in collaboration with BFI Film Audience Network and Film Noir UK.

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