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The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2024


Please note: This was screened in Feb 2024

Daishi Matsunaga
Ryohei Suzuki, Hio Miyazawa, Yûko Nakamura
120 mins, Subtitled, 2023, Japan
Primary language
'Daishi Matsunaga’s adaptation of the late Makoto Takayama’s autobiographical novel is a joy; a satisfyingly textured, bittersweet character study infused with warmth and energy'. Screen International

When Kosuke was 14 years old, his mother died, and he spent his adolescence in a rural village, suppressing his feelings as a gay man. Now working as a fashion magazine editor in Tokyo, he crosses paths with Ryuta, a personal trainer and dedicated son to his single mother.

Kosuke, known for his high-end fashion and air of superiority, and Ryuta, initially bewildered, become close and finally find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other. They believe their peaceful love will endure, until an unexpected twist of fate threatens their relationship...

Matsunaga’s haunting Egoist employs a documentary-style approach to delicately depict the intimate warmth between the characters and the conflicts arising from love.

The UK’s largest festival of Japanese cinema, the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme, returns to Watershed with its biggest showcase ever, another exciting lineup showcasing the versatility and uniqueness of Japanese cinema. This year's theme is Unforgettable: Memories, Times and Reflections in Japanese Cinema.

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