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Sullivan’s Travels

Sullivan’s Travels

classified PG

Pulp Fiction


Please note: This was screened in Feb 2024

Preston Sturges
Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake, Robert Warwick
90 mins, 1941, US
Primary language
"Sullivan’s Travels is a gem, an almost serious comedy not taken entirely seriously, with wonderful dialogue, eccentric characterisations, and superlative performances throughout." Time Out London

Preston Sturges works his magic in a screwball tale of a film director who goes on the road as a 'tramp' to help write his socially significant screenplay.

An earnest but temperamental young director of low-brow comedies with titles like Ants in Your Plants - our hero, John “Sully” Sullivan (Joel McCrea), has his heart set on making a hard-hitting socially conscious film with the grandiose title O Brother, Where Art Thou? (borrowed nearly 60 years later by the Coen brothers).

Sullivan’s Travels is both irreverent comedy and socially conscious melodrama — as well as being a satire of socially conscious melodrama and a serious apologetic for crowd-pleasing comedy.

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