The Set-Up

The Set-Up

classified PG

Please note: This was screened in Feb 2024

Robert Wise
Robert Ryan, Audrey Totter, George Tobias
72 mins, 1949, US
Primary language

Considered by many as one of the greatest boxing films of all time. Film noir classic The Set-Up (1949) tells the story of Stoker Thompson (Robert Ryan) – a veteran boxer with 20 years’ experience in the ring who still dreams of hitting the big time.

What should be a routine fight night for Stoker turns into a living nightmare as, unbeknownst to Stoker, his manager has agreed with a local gangster to take a dive in that night’s fight. Tension builds as Stoker hopes to beat his opponent, unaware that he has already been bought to lose.

Directed by Robert Wise (editor of Citizen Kane, The Devil and Daniel Webster and The Magnificent Ambersons) and co-starring film noir regular Audrey Totter (The Postman Always Rings Twice, Lady in the Lake) The Set-Up is a tense tale which takes us through the harsh reality of the sport known as the ‘sweet science’.

Presented in collaboration with BFI Film Audience Network and Film Noir UK.

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