Credit: Blenkarn + Lim



Please note: This event took place in May 2024

“It's Animal Farm meets Pokémon meets Final Fantasy.”

Presented by MAYK as part of Mayfest: The unemployed donkeys have one demand: the humans must surrender their machines and give all donkeys their jobs back. But revolution is never easy!

asses.masses is a custom-made video game about labour, technophobia and sharing the load of revolution, designed to be played from beginning to end in a live theatre. This is gaming as performance; an immersive, cheeky and highly original work. Brave spectators take turns at the controller to lead the herd through a post-Industrial society, where asses are valued more for their hides than their potential.

Confronting automation driven job loss, nostalgia as a barrier to progress, and the role of technology in adaptation, we are encouraged to find space between the work that defines us and the play that frees us.

Audiences say: “the most creative, original, and entertaining piece of theatre I’ve ever seen… It’s an experience you will never forget.”

Age: 14+

Supported by Bristol Games Lab and the Centre for Creative Technologies.

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