Hiding in the Lights

Hiding in the Lights

classified 18

BEEF Presents: Conspirators of Perception


Please note: This was screened in April 2024

72 mins

Katrina Daschner's first feature-length film is the culmination of a series of experimental shorts since 2008. Omitting all dialogue, Daschner uses the luminescence and sound inherent to the filmic medium to create an erotically-charged, visceral web of bodies, architectural details and fetishised materials.

Full of irony and humour, it draws the viewer in to explore their own bodily boundaries and the tension between desire, permission and restriction. As a fantasy it is loosely based on Arthur Schnitzler’s Dream novella, yet also reflects early cinema and its links to vaudeville, the fun fair and the burlesque.

Katrina Daschner was born in Hamburg and since 1995 she lives in Vienna and works as an artist and filmmaker. Her works are internationally shown in art shows and at film festivals.

Please note: this film contains nudity and explicit sexual content.

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