Avon Moot: The Blood on Satan's Claw + Witch's Cradle live score
Still from The Blood on Satan's Claw

Avon Moot: The Blood on Satan's Claw + Witch's Cradle live score

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Please note: This was screened in May 2024

Piers Haggard
122 mins
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In partnership with Noods Radio, we’re proud to present this Avon Moot event in celebration of May Day. We'll have a special screening of folk horror classic The Blood on Satan’s Claw, alongside a live rescore of Maya Deren’s short film Witch’s Cradle, performed by Tara Clerkin Trio.

There will also be a performance by Pigsty Morris Dancers on Cascade Steps ahead of the screening, so get here early to catch it!

Tara Clerkin Triolive re-score of Witch’s Cradle (13 mins)

Having made their mark on Bristol over the past five years with their unique flavour of Jazz-infused ethereal musings - somewhere between psychedelic band Broadcast and 90’s Trip-Hop - the band are now extending their reach with national and international tours supporting the likes of Mica Levi and the CURL collective.

This will be a one-off opportunity to see the trio put their unique musical voice to the visuals of Maya Deren’s Witch’s Cradle — a surrealist short film laden with occult imagery. The film features Marcel Duchamp, and was filmed in the Guggenheim Gallery during a surrealist ‘Art of This Century’ exhibition.

Check out Quade’s re-score of Derek Jarman’s ‘A Journey to Avebury’ from last year’s Avon Moot.

The Blood On Satan’s Claw (97 mins)

For the main feature, we’ll be showing Piers Haggard’s iconic 1971 British folk horror, starring Patrick Wymark, Linda Hayden, and Barry Andrews. Set in early 18th-century England, it follows the residents of a rural village whose youth fall under the influence of a demonic presence after a local farmer unearths a mysterious skull buried in a field. The film has since gained a cult following, and has been cited by several film scholars as a forerunner of the folk horror genre, along with its contemporaries Witchfinder General and The Wicker Man.

Noods Radio are also running an all day broadcast on Sun 5 May live from their venue Mickey Zoggs, featuring the likes of Katy J Pearson, DJ Sundae and Deeper Into Movies. You can expect everything from original field recording sound walks to psychedelic rock and experimental freak folk.

Noods Radio

Noods Radio is one of the UK’s premiere underground radio stations showcasing the misfits, dancers, collectors and selectors from across the globe. In addition to broadcasting they curate international festival stages, standalone events, innovative projects and play an essential part in the global music culture.

Noods draws in those on cultural fringes and has grown into an essential platform for those looking to discover the spectrum of genres, sound & everything in between — a hub for people to come together and learn in a borderless group of music lovers.

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