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Please note: This was screened in May 2024

Luna Carmoon
Saura Lightfoot Leon, Hayley Squires, Joseph Quinn
126 mins, 2023, UK
Primary language

“A haunting study of loneliness and thwarted sexuality” Guardian.

British writer-director Luna Carmoon draws on her own life for this visceral, award-winning psychological drama.

Seven-year-old Maria’s (Lily-Beau Leach) South East London childhood with her mother Cynthia (Hayley Squires), an obsessive hoarder, feels sparkling and magical until tragedy separates them and Maria enters a more conventional world.

Years later, the now-teenage Maria (Saura Lightfoot Leon) seeks to reconnect with her mother the only way she knows how – bin-dipping for discarded treasures and collecting black bags full of festering garbage. When she meets Michael (Joseph Quinn), another troubled teen, they develop an intense and animalistic bond.

Hoard is a fierce, uncompromising and emotional story about a young woman’s burgeoning sexuality and her queasy reckoning with grief and a traumatic past.

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