A House in Jerusalem

classified 12A PS

Please note: This was screened in June 2024

Muayad Alayan
Johnny Harris, Miley Locke, Sheherazade Farrell
103 mins, Partially Subtitled, 2023, Germany
Primary language

Director Muayad Alayan masterfully creates a sense of foreboding in this moving study of love and loss.

12-year-old Rebecca, together with her father, relocate from the UK to Jerusalem seeking a fresh start following the tragic death of her mother. Their old family home in the Valley of the Ghosts becomes the setting for mysterious events and an unlikely friendship between Rebecca and Rasha, a young Palestinian girl only she can see.

Could it be that the walls of the house are infused with the history and emotions of past generations? Or is Rasha simply a figment of Rebecca's imagination?

A House in Jerusalem is a poignant tale explores memory, trauma, and the longing for home amidst the complexities of relations between Israel and Palestine.

Bristol Palestine Film Festival

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