Found in: Queer Vision
Preview: Close To You

Preview: Close To You

classified 18 (CTBA)

Queer Vision Film Festival 2024


Please note: This was screened in July 2024

Dominic Savage
Elliot Page, Hillary Baack, Andrew Bushell
100 mins, 2023, USA
Primary language

Elliot Page returns to the big screen in this unassuming, gentle, and sincerely heartfelt romantic drama.

Close to You marks his first fiction film since 2017’s Flatliners remake, and co-stars Hillary Baack (Sound of Metal). Director Dominic Savage granted Page and Baack carte blanche to improvise significantly throughout the film; a naturalistic approach that allows the film to be consistent with the authentic, everyday language used by trans people and those in deaf/hard-of-hearing communities.

Close to You lingers in the realm of the personal, exploring contentious family dynamics, feelings of loneliness, displacement, and reconciling with the self. It feels profoundly threaded with Page’s own experiences, and reflective of where he’s at entering this new phase of his career.

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