Chasing the Sun

classified PG

Please note: This was screened in July 2024

Michael B. Clifford
70 mins, 2023, UK
Primary language
‘'5 Stars: Inspiring and joyful, a love letter to the humble bicycle and all who ride one.” James Spender, Cyclist Magazine

A one-off screening of the new film from award-winning director Michael B.Clifford (Bicycle / Mountain Biking the Untold British Story).

In 1973 a professor in a little known American university set out to discover the most energy efficient creature on earth: turns out, it is a human being on a bicycle! The experiment has since entered into legend and is now more relevant than ever before.

Chasing the Sun explores extraordinary personal stories of ordinary cyclists chasing the sun, revealing the power of the humble bicycle to transform lives and help save the planet.

Featuring contributions from broadcaster and ITV’s voice of the Tour de France Ned Boulting, author and blogger Jools Walker, Turner Prize-winning artist Sir Richard Long and Mountain Bike World Champion Tracy Moseley.

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