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Until Thu 1 Aug

Levan Akin
Mzia Arabuli, Lucas Kankava, Deniz Dumanli
106 mins, Subtitled, 2024, Sweden, Turkey
Primary language
"After earning international acclaim with Cannes-selected queer drama “And Then We Danced,” Akin makes a calculated choice to raise awareness of the trans community in Istanbul, but he does so through representation rather than manipulation." Variety

From acclaimed director Levan Akin, Crossing is a tender tale of identity, acceptance and unlikely connection that transcends borders and generations.

Lia, a retired school teacher living in Georgia, hears from a young neighbour Achi that her long lost niece Tekla, a transgender woman, has crossed the border into Turkey. Hoping to bring Tekla home after a period of estrangement, Lia travels to Istanbul with the unpredictable Achi to find her.

As they Explore the hidden depths of the city, they cross paths with a transgender lawyer called Evrim, who helps them in their search. As a reluctant and surprising friendship forms between Achi and Lia, the duo begin to discover that Tekla may not want to be found.

With remarkably authentic performances from Mzia Arabuli and newcomers Lucas Kankava and Deniz Dumanli, Akin’s third film offers a vibrant and evocative portrait of the city of Istanbul. Crossing is a heartfelt portrayal of overcoming the degrees of separation that divide us.

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