Mushroom Growing Workshop

Mushroom Growing Workshop


Please note: This event took place in June 2024

Fungi does wonders for our immune system, our mental health, our creativity and mood. Perhaps most importantly of all, fungi is increasingly recognised as a vital ally in the fight against pollution and climate change.

The Workshop

In this workshop you’ll learn how to grow delicious oyster mushrooms from recycled and repurposed materials. You’ll take away your own reusable kit so you can watch your mushrooms grow time and time again, saving rubbish from landfill and learning an exciting new skill.

This workshop is suitable for beginners. You will leave with knowledge and the materials you will need to carry on growing at home.

About Stockport Fungi

Stockport Fungi was founded by Alex Williams in 2022. Having spent 17 years as a puppet maker for stop motion animation working with Wes Anderson, Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Toro amongst others, she decided to follow her other passion: fungi and mushrooms. She rented a disused building in Stockport, built a farm and was soon supplying some of the most renowned restaurants in Manchester.

Wanting to share what she knew, Alex began running workshops for adults and children and has since gone on to work with organisations such as the National Trust, HOME, Eat Well and the Proud Trust, to name a few.

Stockport Fungi workshops are designed to explore the extraordinary potential for good that lies beneath our feet and all around us. Fun and informal, the workshops aim to demystify, share and celebrate the world of fungi and mycelium, creating opportunities to experiment, socialise and learn something new.

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