Le Jour Se Léve - couple

Le Jour Se Lève

classified PG S

Please note: This was screened in Oct 2014

Marcel Carné
Jean Gabin, Jacqueline Laurent, Arletty
92 mins, Subtitled, 1939, France

Often considered his greatest work, Marcel Carné's fourth collaboration with screenwriter Jacques Prévert is a triumph; an exquisitely crafted noir describing an obsessive relationship that leads to a grisly murder, and a classic of French poetic realism. Jean Gabin stars as a factory worker, hounded into jealousy and murder by a cynical seducer, holed up with a gun in an attic surrounded by the police, remembering in flashback how it all started while he waits for the end. A film of its time, it responded so clearly to the doom-laded pessimism felt across Europe on the cusp of WWII that after its 1939 release, it was promptly banned on the grounds of demoralisation. This 75th anniversary, gloriously restored version includes new, previously censored scenes that will be seen by audiences for the very first time - what a treat.

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