David Kynaston - Modernity Britain

David Kynaston - Modernity Britain

Autumn Festival of Ideas 2014


Please note: This event took place in Oct 2014

David Kynaston's brilliant history of post-war Britain (Austerity Britain, Family Britain) continues with Modernity Britain: A Shake of the Dice, 1959-62 and the story of transformation from the old to the brink of a new world. Consumerism, immigration and morality were the issues of the day but at the centre was the massive urban redevelopment, which while in some cases is necessary, would destroy communities and leave a harsh, fateful legacy.

Speaker biography:

David Kynaston has been a professional historian since 1973 and has written eighteen books, including The City of London, a widely acclaimed four-volume history, and WG's Birthday Party, an account of the Gentleman v. Player match at Lord's in July 1898. He is the author of Austerity Britain, 1945-51 and Family Britain, 1951-57, the first two titles in a series of books covering the history of post-war Britain (1945-79) under the collective title 'Tales of a New Jerusalem'. He is currently a visiting professor at Kingston University.

Ticket prices: £7.00 full / £6.00 concessions. This event is followed by a book signing.

Image credit: Michael Burns

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