Festival of Health Session 1 - The Health Care System Now

Festival of Health Session 1 - The Health Care System Now

Autumn Festival of Ideas 2014


Please note: This event took place in Oct 2014

The NHS is one of the great success stories of the past 70 years bringing free treatment and better health to millions. But we also know that the NHS - and all of us - face real challenges. These challenges provoke many questions: How does the NHS work? Do we have a caring society? Should we focus more on prevention of illness through better living and creating healthier cities? How should we use technology? This series seeks to open up these and other discussions and explore the current and potential future shape and state of our health and care system.

How Does the Health & Care System Work?

18:00 - 19:00

The health and care system is a massive and complex network, often difficult to understand and changing quickly - yet it touches all our lives. This session will try to demystify this and explain in simple terms how the system that serves us all actually works. Book tickets for this session here.

How Do we Ensure Consistently High Quality, Safe Services?

19:30 - 21:00

Safety is an absolute requirement in the delivery of health and care - and the highest levels of quality are consistently sought. Professional regulators of the hospital system, clinicians and others representing the voices of patients, debate the key issues associated with these challenges. Book tickets for this session here.

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