Afrika Eye 2014

Come Back, Africa 12

Come Back, Africa

After witnessing firsthand the terrors of fascism as a soldier in World War II, director Lionel Rogosin vowed to fight wherever and whenever he saw its threats re-emerging. In an effort to expose "what people try to avoid seeing," Rogosin travelled to apartheid-struck South Africa in 1959 and secretly filmed Come Back, Africa, which revealed the cruelty and injustice with which black South Africans were treated. A jarring view of a largely concealed environment of injustice, it honestly and sincerely captures images of the long faces of a people oppressed. Casting occurred before the script for the movie was written; the script itself was a vague sketch of plot points which the actors added to with their own dialogue, making the film a genuinely authentic representation of the living conditions of the time.

Ticket prices: £5.50 full / 4.00 concessions.