Afrika Eye 2014

Concerning Violence 15

Concerning Violence - soldiers

This powerful and illuminating new documentary from Black Power Mixtape director Goran Hugo Olsson looks at the often violent struggles that would lead to the decolonisation of Africa in the 60s and 70s. Like his previous film, Olsson uses a wealth of 16mm footage, much of it previously unseen, to illustrate a variety of different African struggles - from an Angolan night raid, to a miner's strike in Liberia, a woman with a hacked off arm and a hopeful interview with a then-young Robert Mugabe - it shows the fury of a continent in crisis. This extraordinary material has been combined with the words of anticolonialist social theorist Frantz Fanon, whose 1961 text The Wretched of the Earth (strikingly narrated by singer Lauryn Hill) provides the framework for the film. A passionate call to arms, Concerning Violence is a timely and vital contribution toward building a better world for the future.

Ticket prices: £5.50 full / £4.00 concessions.