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Slapstick International: The Doll

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Slapstick 2015


Please note: This was screened in Jan 2015

Ernst Lubitsch
60 mins, 1919, Germany

This charming romantic fantasy comedy from master filmmaker Ernst Lubitsch centres on a baron who is worried that he’ll be the last of his line. With no direct descendents, his only hope of keeping the family name alive is with his unmarried nephew Lancelot who, er, is deathly afraid of women. He’s talked into marrying a huge lifelike doll but fails to realise that (after the doll is broken) his bride to be is in fact the dollmaker’s daughter, and not her mechanical counterpart. Hilarious comedy ensues as the plot unravels in this passionate story of romance and deception – not to be missed!

Introduced by David Robinson, film historian Director of the ‘Giornate Cinema Del Muto’ film festival, and accompanied by Barbara Lenz live on Piano.

Ticket prices: £6.50 full / £5.00 concessions.

With special thanks to the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung archive.