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Skype In Conversation with Hind Shoufani

Bristol Palestine Film Festival


Please note: This event took place in Dec 2014

The writer and filmmaker Hind Shoufani was born to Palestinian parents in Lebanon and was raised in Amman, Beirut and Damascus. In 2007 she founded Poeticians, a poetry collective of writers and thinkers from the Middle East, to provide a platform for them to share and tour their uncensored work, thoughts, fears and ambitions to small, intimate audiences in the region. She has published numerous books: her most recent, the Poetician's compendium ’Nowhere Near a Damn Rainbow’, is an elegant illustration of how the power of spoken word and poetry can be used to shake up the world of those around them and reinterpret social and political scenarios into personal perspectives that challenge or nurture its readers.

Shoufani has worked in the written media and audiovisual industries for the past 17 years and is the director of numerous short films, features and documentaries including Migration (2011) and This War on Love. Her latest film Trip Along Exodus is an intimate family portrait of her father which in turn examines the secular PLO Fateh factions and the failure of the Leftist Palestinian revolution. She is about to start work on a new film, a journey through sexuality, politics, religion and rock’n’roll in the Middle East as seen through the characters and events from the spoken word and poetry community that she has done so much to nurture within the region.

We are delighted that Hind Shoufani will join us for a live Skype In Conversation event direct from Dubai.

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