Breath of Life

Festival of Ideas: Breath of Life

classified 12A

Please note: This was screened in March 2015

Susan Kucera
80 mins, 2014

Humans are the only species capable of imagining the future while at the same time ignoring the consequences of the future we are creating. Breath of Life reveals why humans are in denial about catastrophes of our own making that could come to pass sooner than we think. Filmed in Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Hawaii the film features breathtaking cinematography and insightful commentary from the world's greatest evolutionary biologists and psychologists - but it is the common sense of farmers in the drought stricken western United States and the wisdom of Hawaiians from the most isolated place on the planet that show us the way back to a more honest and authentic relationship with the world and reality.

Following the film Bruce Hood, Professor of Developmental Psychology in Society (University of Bristol and Cabot Institute) and Rich Pancost, Director of Cabot Institute, will discuss the issues with director Susan Kucera.

This event is presented in association with Bristol 2015 European Green Capital and the University of Bristol Cabot Institute.

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