Chronicle of a Disappearance + Q&A

Chronicle of a Disappearance with Discussion

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Bristol Palestine Film Festival Presents...


Please note: This was screened in March 2015

Elia Suleiman
Elia Suleiman, Nazira Suleiman, Fuad Suleiman
84 mins, Subtitled, 1996, Palestine | Israel | USA | Germany | France

Seemingly unrelated comedy sketches, often surreal, sometimes physical and always funny, are woven together in an autobiographical account that’s also a poignant commentary on the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. The first in a trilogy, that includes Divine Intervention, it established Elia Suleiman as an influential filmmaker who has helped forge a self-confident experimental cultural space within Arab cinema. A demanding, beautiful and understated experimental film of unexpected impact.

Followed by a discussion with academic, writer and filmmaker Monica Maurer, who worked with the PLO's film unit to make several films on the Palestinians in Lebanon during the period of Tel al-Zaatar.