i-Docs Presents: Ken Eklund Talk - phone box

i-Docs presents: Ken Eklund

The Future is an Authentic Fiction

If you lived through the global oil shortage of 2007, followed the trail of anomalies detected by Erhard Giskin, or heard one of the voicemails leaking from our possible futures (or just wish you had) this is the talk for you.

Ken Eklund designs immersive play experiences about socially relevant issues like climate change and the environment. He’ll be speaking about his previous projects including World Without Oil, FutureCoast and Giskin Anomaly, as well as new cross-media works designed to engage people by playfully shaping positive futures.

Ken is an internationally recognised game and experience designer, creating “immersive stories that seek to write themselves.” His socially relevant alternate-reality games explore real-world issues through collaborative play. His work springs from deep beliefs about the transformative effect of participation and that power of play to open people up to true inquiry and learning.

This event is supported in association with Watershed and the Pervasive Media Studio by the Digital Cultures Research Centre, UWE Bristol.