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The David Millar Project

The David Millar Project

Cyclescreen: Bristol Bike Film Festival


Please note: This event took place in Aug 2015

Scottish director Finlay Pretsell joins author and cycling journalist Daniel Friebe to discuss his in-development film which aims to take us as close as we’ve been yet to capturing the essence of professional bike racing through his exciting collaboration with one of the most enigmatic and interesting figures in professional cycling – David Millar.

Millar’s book Racing Through The Dark is one of the great first hand accounts of sporting experience, from his succumbing to the pressures of doping and his subsequent road to redemption. Finlay will discuss his collaboration with David and how he is attempting to make a film that will take us into a bike race like never before. Recreating the chaotic cornucopia of race sounds - gears changing, fans screaming, wind bellowing, constant radio communication with teammates, team staff and race organisers to create a vivid soundscape entirely from David’s perspective. Pieced together from a plethora of race situations, an otherworldly anamorphic lens attempts to capture and reflect the idiosyncratic qualities of the racing cyclist.

Featuring exclusive footage and behind-the-scenes stories from the upcoming film and featuring a screening of Finlay's award-winning short film STANDING START, featuring Olympic medallist Craig MacLean, this is an exciting chance to meet the filmmaker behind one of the most exciting projects currently in development in cycle filmmaking.