Found in: Encounters 2015
Ursula Meier and John Parish in conversation

Ursula Meier and John Parish in conversation

Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival 2015

Creative relationships are key to any successful film and perhaps none more so central but least discussed is that between moving image and music. In this special event we are delighted to welcome Swiss filmmaker Ursula Meier who worked with Bristol-based musician John Parish on her award winning feature film Sister (2012) to discuss the process of their collaboration and to share thoughts on the importance of music and sound in the filmmaking process.

John Parish is Bristol based musician, song-writer, composer most known for his work with singer-songwriter PJ Harvey. In addition to Sister he has provided the music for several films including She, A Chinese (2009) and Little Black Spiders (2012). John's 2013 live show Screenplay combined his music for films with visuals from those film collaborations.

Please note that this event will be recorded.