SHORT FILM 8 - Stranger Than Fiction

Short Film 8 - Stranger Than Fiction 15

Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival 2015


Please note: This was screened in Sept 2015

90 mins

What endlessly excites us about short films is their ability to defy the traditional rules of filmmaking and dissolve familiar categories. Blurring boundaries between narrative, documentary and video-art, the formally daring films in this programme demonstrate the freedom inherent in the short form to experiment with, deconstruct and ultimately reinvent film language.

The short films in this programme are:

  • Quantum
    Italy, 8m Dir: Flatform
  • The Atom Station
    UK, 13m 20s Dir: Nick Jordan
  • The Breath
    Switzerland, 10m 43s Dir: Fabian Kaiser
  • Seven times a day we bemoan our lot and at night we get up to avoid dreaming
    Germany, 17m 30s Dir: Susann Maria Hempel
  • Yuyu
    France, 15m 3s Dir: Marc Johnson
  • Rate Me
    UK, 17m 58s Dir: Fyzal Boulifa