Man with a Movie Camera

Man with a Movie Camera

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Please note: This was screened in Nov 2015

Dziga Vertov
Mikhail Kaufman
68 mins, 1929, USSR

A man travels around a city with a camera slung over his shoulder, documenting urban life with dazzling invention. Dziga Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera is a film about film production - from the cameraman and the editor to the projectionist and the orchestra involved with the exhibition of the film we see being made. It's a documentary of a day in the life of the Soviet Union. It's also, critically about cities and urban life in a period of swift change as seen in 1929. Regarded as one of the greatest films of all time and perhaps the best documentary film ever made, it's presented here in a new print with live accompaniment by the HarmonieBand and a new score composed by Paul Robinson.

HARMONIEBAND are: Adam Robinson - Viola; Colin Blamey - Clarinets; Paul Robinson - Keyboards.

HarmonieBand, formed in 1985, is an ensemble of multi-instrumentalists with an internationally established reputation for performing contemporary music, presenting especially composed scores to accompany silent film, and leading educational projects for young people.

HarmonieBand has made appearances at many UK film festivals and Art Centres. The ensemble has also travelled widely in Europe, including visits to the Dresden Musikfestpiele, the Giornate Del Cinema Muto in Italy and three tours of the Brabant, the last of which featured Paul Robinson's score to Cocteau's Le Sang d'un Poète. In 2007, the ensemble was invited to appear alongside the Hilliard Ensemble to present Paul Robinson's score to Carl Dreyer's La Passione de Jeanne D'Arc in the Opera House in Wroclaw. The performance was recorded and broadcast by Polish television. They make regular appearances at The Barbican, most recently with Paul Robinson's score to Nosferatu.

Presented in partnership with Festival of Ideas as part of Festival of The Future City.