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Eyefull Shorts: Part 2

Eyefull Shorts: Part 2

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Afrika Eye 2015


Please note: This was screened in Nov 2015

90 mins, Various

A look back at some of the best short films screened at Afrika Eye in previous years. Eyefull consistently provides a fantastic opportunity to see short snippets of life and stories from all over Africa and the African Diaspora. Check back soon for full programme details.


Kwaku Ananse

Dir. Akosua Adoma Owusu Ghana/USA, 2013, 26min 0sec

The fable of Kwaku Ananse is combined with the story of a young outsider named Nyan Koronhwea attending her estranged father's funeral. At the funeral, she retreats to the woods in search of her father.

Yellow Fever

Dir. Ng’endo Mukii, Kenya, 2012, 15’min 0sec

A searing look at the practice of skin-bleaching within the African community and an examination of the idea that beauty has become globalised therefore, creating homogenous aspirations, and distorting people’s self-image across the planet.


Dir. Kibwe Tavares, UK/Tanzania, 2012, 17min 0sec

Mbwana and his best friend Juma are two young men with big dreams. These dreams become reality when they photograph a gigantic fish leaping out of the sea and their small town blossoms into a tourist hot-spot as a result. But for Mbwana, the reality isn’t what he dreamed – and when he meets the fish again, both of them forgotten, ruined and old, he decides only one of them can survive.

A Man, His Wife & A Piano

Dir. Candice Peperell, UK, 1min 0sec

A tragic animation on love and marriage.

Red & Blue

Dir. Mahmood Soliman, Egypt, 11min 45sec

A young man and a girl are having a secret love affair. In a society that will never support such an illegal relationship, the two are faced with a serious dilemma when the bed falls as they are making love and they run the risk of being exposed.

When They Slept (Quand ils dorment)

Dir. Maryam Touzani, Morocco, 17min 0sec

When 8 year old Sara’s grandfather dies, the little girl looks for a way to say goodbye despite religious conventions.


Dir. Frances Bodomo, USA, 2014, 14min 0sec

On 16 July 1969, America prepares to launch Apollo 11. Thousands of miles away, the Zambia Space Academy hopes to beat America to the moon. Inspired by true events.

Presented in partnership with Bristol Mediterranean Film Festival.

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