Price of Love

Price of Love 15 S

Afrika Eye 2015


Please note: This was screened in Nov 2015

Hermon Hailay
Eskindir Tameru Fereweni Gebregergs
99 mins, Subtitled, 2015, Ethiopia

Despite a small budget, an untrained crew and non-professional actors, Hermon Hailay’s off-beat romance about a young taxi driver caught up in the dark side of love has rightly earned her a string of international accolades.

Teddy, a young Addis Ababa taxi driver is trying to take the high road and put his khat-chewing and drinking days behind him. But when his taxi is stolen after he helps a young girl escape her violent ex-pimp, he sees his livelihood and source of redemption abruptly disappear. Feeling guilty, this mysterious beauty offers to help Teddy get his taxi back, and it's not long before he’s falling for her charms.

Having grown up in close proximity to the sex workers we see depicted here, renowned Ethiopian writer/director Hermon Hailey draws on her own personal experience to add depth to this gritty, courageous and bittersweet film that captures the dark underbelly of a city in flux.

Screening as part of BFI’s LOVE season.